Past Projects

Fall 2017

Name Description Link
SSHFS Distributed filesystem and task executor using FUSE Github
TeaTime Real time file synchronization tool
GummyWorm Android phone remote desktop tool
BitMesh Distributed system library
File Compressor Custom file compression server

Fall 2016

Name Description Link
Distributed FUZE Distributed filesystem using FUSE
Hermes Online real-time text editor GitHub
Kernel Filesystem Kernel module virtual filesystem
Root Kit Spying on your kernel
Fluid Simulator 2D fluid simulation that takes advantage of GPU architecture
Steganography Toolset Toolset capable of encoding information in images/audio/code and subsequently decoding it
Remote Desktop Client Remote client for your desktop
ShadowPager Hacking around firewalls
Multiplayer Tron Game An implementation of the video game Tron entirely in the terminal

Spring 2016

Name Description Link
Super Debugger GDB-Like Debugger From Scratch
C Garbage Collector A garbage collector for C code that supports multithreading GitHub
LocChat Location-based app where nearby users can talk to each other based on common interests GitHub
Chess Engine Engine to compute optimal moves in a game of chess
High Frequency Sports Gambling Analyzes and places bets on sports games in real-time
TCP Network Encryption A network encryption tool that implements the Serpent cipher
Webcam Theremin Theremin simulation using a webcam and video processing Remake of in space GitHub
EDF Schedluing Policy Implementation of the earliest-deadline first scheduling policy as a Linux kernel module
Win Debugger A gdb-like Windows C debugger written in C++ YouTube
Personalized Trash Control A feature-rich trash can for Linux that supports compression and remote storage of trash